Our democratic system needs an overhaul. On European level, unanimity in the Council prevents treaty changes, the European Commission cannot be held accountable and the Parliament as only representativly elected body and legislative does not have the right to initiate laws. We're still a long way from a federal and democratic Europe while in member states, elections remain nationalist and exclude not only mobile EU citizens, but also UK citizens and other groups from mayor ballots and decisions. As long as our national elections remain national, we should not be surprised that the European project is not going anywhere. Europe has been about numbers for over 60 years. It's time to talk about European democracy.

My priorities

  • Voting rights for European citizens

    After 12 years in France and contrary to many other EU member states, I still cannot vote in all elections as a EU citizen from Germany. I would like to change that across Europe, so EU citizens in every member state have representatives in national governments and can make their voice heard for more Europe and more European integration.

  • European citizenship

    We are today far away from equality and the French constitution of 1793 that granted citizenship and voting rights to every foreigner living in France for more than a year for various reasons. I would like to push for a European citizenship and corresponding universal suffrage in all member states for everyone living in and integrated in Europe for a certain amount of time.

  • European reforms

    The European project is stuck. Treaty reforms are impossible due to the unanimity clause. European institutions cannot be held accountable for questionable decisions. It's a gordian knot, that I would like to help cut by pushing for drafting a European Constitution by the parliament as only representative body. Europe cannot only be about numbers. It needs to be about hearts. It's time to be bold and creative to advance the European project.

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