Bonjour! My name is Sven Franck and I'm head of the list for Volt France in the 2024 European elections. On this site you can learn more out more about me and my political priorities, why I became a member of Volt and what I do for a living. Follow my campaign and if you consider me to be a good representative of your ideas in Parliament, vote for me!

My commitments

A Small Business Act for Europe

A small business act for Europe Learn more

One of Europe's strengths is the diversity of our SMEs. A European Small Business Act will reserve a portion of public contracts for SMEs, ensure legislation passed on european and national level does not disproportionally disavantage SMEs and strikes a balance between standardisation, openness and interoperability. Europe needs to find its own economic narratif combining diversity, sustainability and competitiveness. Let's ensure that SMEs are leading the way.

Voting rights for mobile EU citizens

Voting rights for mobile EU citizens Learn more

There are over 15 million mobile EU citizens living and working in another EU member state than their country of origin. By living the European idea, they are indirectly supporting nationalism, because they cannot vote in all elections in their country of residence and they are often excluded or have little incentive to vote in their country of origin. Our democracies need these votes, so let's work towards universal suffrage for mobile EU citizens.

A European foreign policy

A European foreign policy Learn more

Europe's foreign policy is today a cacophony of 27 member states and the commission each with their own objectives. At a time when it is no longer enough to preserve peace and stability within the European Union, it becomes essential for Europe to develop and defend a proper foreign policy that should also aim to preserving peace and stability abroad while adhering oursevels to the values we expect other countries to follow. It's time for a European foreign policy.

Protection against online scams

Protection against online scams Learn more

Online fraud is a problem that affects both young and old and that will only increase with more sophisticated technology. The solution is relatively simple and should include holding online merchants and financial institutions accountable for flagging transactions that have a high risk of originating from online fraud (like your grandmap wiring 25.000 to Ghana). Let's protect our vulnerable population against online scams!

My priorities


Why we need to work on democracy in Europe and in member states My priorities

Our democratic system needs an overhaul. On European level, unanimity in the Council prevents treaty changes, the European Commission cannot be held accountable and the Parliament as only representativly elected body and legislative does not have the right to initiate laws. We're still a long way from a federal and democratic Europe while in member states, elections remain nationalist and exclude not only mobile EU citizens, but also UK citizens and other groups from mayor ballots and decisions. As long as our national elections remain national, we should not be surprised that the European project is not going anywhere. Europe has been about numbers for over 60 years. It's time to talk about European democracy.


Why we need to adress present and future challenges of how we want to live in Europe. My priorities

We're slowly feeling the effects of demographic change in Europe. As our baby boomers are retiring and birth rates remain low (yes even here in France), we should have ample opportunities for finding quality work and affordable places to live and raising a family, while our elderly are well taken care of... Fuck no. Reality bites and today often means badly paid bullshitjobs or no work at all, long communtes or living with parents and not only our elderly struggling to make ends meet.


What we must do to ensure Europe remains an innovative, diverse and competitive business environment. My priorities

Europe prides itself to be united in diversity and our business ecosystem lives up to this billing. European regulation has for the longest time ensured that citizens benefit from this ecosystem, delivering better products, more innovation and better prices. However, our own regulation is starting to cut into our advantages and possibilities to develop strategic autonomy and a European economic model between the United States and China. We're risking to loose employment and reduce the tax base that finances our welfare systems. EU Institutions need to start supporting our business ecosystem and nurture their innovative capacity and excellence so we can not only manage the transition to a green economy but also market it abroad.


Why we need to act now to ensure, Europe remains a continent habitable for everyone My priorities

We're currently witnessing climate change slowly showing its ugly face of the 1.5⁰ of global temperature rise, which we try to avoid but are nowhere close to making the necessary effort aside from perpetual percentage lipservicing. We are going to hit the wall, the question is how much we can slow down and brace for impact. Global population is set to decline after 2050, but as our planet faces its stress test of providing a home to 10 billion inhabitants, there is no time left to prevent a bleak future. We will be facing tough decisions in the future, questions which we can more easily answer as European Union

I am a member of Volt, a European movement and political party with over 25,000 members in 31 European countries. Together with our elected representatives at European, national and local level, we share a common agenda, one of the pillars of which is to reform the European Union into a federal Europe that is not only an economic union, but also a democratic and social one. Changing politics for the better will be a long-term project, and you can help us get closer to that goal. By joining us. By supporting us. And by voting for Volt in the European elections!

My projects

  • Sticker Save Erasmus

    Across the continent, the far right is calling for the dissolution of the European Union. The end of Europe will also mean the end of Erasmus. Let's get our electoral cards and vote for Europe to save Erasmus! More information

  • Screenshot of

    There are between 1.5 million and 2 million European Union citizens living in France from other Member States. Let's mobilise to help them register to ensure that the far right does not win a majority in 2024. More information